Sunday, 30 May 2010



 Recherche Magazine has an amazing Summer Spoiler. Check it out:
It sure is promising. What do you think?

Also,the SBD has a party!
Here's the invitation:


I'm sure it will be BAM!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

BBS Party Invitation!

It's on Saturday,May 29th,and it will hold the BBS ceremony.I'm sure it wil be fun.I love the Dress Code. Chanel. What more classic and elegant than Chanel?
Unfortunately,I can't be there,I have some obligations in real life.
But you,be there!

Also,if you wish to attend,you must contact Miss_LolitaF to ask her for an invitation and add the account .BBS.
So,start and create your Chanel outfits,everyone!

P.S I got quite a few applies,but I need some others,so I can make my final decision!Contact me on my email( or on my Stardoll account.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The way to the past.

Here I am -again- ever so refreshed from my break. I figured,since Stardoll,is getting boring,I would make it somewhat interesting. A lot changed,as the blog has. There will be three walls, from now on. The A-Wall is where you better be.There will be only succesfull people. The F-Wall,where will be only the people the have done a project and it failed. Finally,the Z-Wall, where will be only the unsuccesfull. Also,we have some new staff here. Maggie and Stephanie will help me to make every Wall. I'm in need of someone else,though. Hmm,will it be you?

If you want to ask me something,or tell me some gossip you know,email me on
 If you want to apply,contact me on my Stardoll account. (marikate14)
Come on,bring it up!

This is will be good,and it just started.

PS. Special thanks to Vasia aka vasia28 for the graphics :]