Wednesday, 30 June 2010


The walls are released!



The party is in one hour from now. :}

Monday, 28 June 2010

No words.

I'm just really sorry about cancelling the party once again.So here's the thing;
I had this really special dance performance in rl,that was going to happen yesterday,but it got cancelled bacause of the rain,as it was going to happen outside.So,it got postponed for today at the same hour that the party began.I had no time to write my apology,so Vasia took care of that. Thank you,sincerely,Vas. :}
I hope that I didn't make you mad or anything or even dissapointed you.But really,that happened and this is the truth.I'm sure you're thinking,"Couldn't you avoid it?" And,honestly,I couldn't. As I truly love dancing to the core of my heart,I just couldn't.I thought that it would be okay for the party to be postponed for another day.I hope that you're not truly mad at me,as it really wasn't my fault.I hope you'll forgive me.I'm sorry.

But anyways,the party will be postponed once again.
It's going to happen on Thursday,June 30th,at my place,6 GMT. (check here for your timezone)
The theme is Haute Couture,and don't forget that there will also be a best dressed list here.

So,I sincerely thank you from  the bottom of my heart for your understandment,and I truly hope that you will come.;)


I may seem melodramatic,but....

 The party canceled again. Mary-Kate was supposed to be having an important performance yesterday,but it canceled,because of the rain and it willbe today,so she cannot host the party today :( I am really sorry,but be patient ,the party will happen really soon and we promise that you will be surprised by the wall and the whole new thing on the blog! :]

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


No banner for this post!

I'm really sorry,but I have to cancel the party for Sunday,as a serious problem was revealed today.So the party will be still held,but on Monday!

So,Monday,6 GMT,June28th ;D

Thank you.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Party+Release of Walls


The re-opening party is this week;

This Sunday,at 6 GMT,prepare to have the time of your life,at my place,with your haute couture outfits ;)
 Best Dressed List on the blog ;)

Also,it will be a night of fun,and ofc the same day,there will be released the Walls!
I'm sure you don't want to lose that.

I know you want to come,so let the drama begin.